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Our Story
We have been growing Agarwood on our family plot for over 8 years now. It has been a long hard road of discovery and a lot of hard work. The fact that we only discovered the beneficial effects of Agarwood leaf tea only recently is more to do with lack of available information than anything. We knew there was a market, but not the details. We pruned our trees 4 years ago and left the leaves to mulch in complete ignorance of the business opportunity we were missing. Living in one of the poorest regions of Thailand, we know the lack of opportunities available for the people to improve their lives. The big picture for us is to show our neighbors that growing Agarwood is economically beneficial. We have been encouraging others to plant trees, by giving away seeds and offering our support. There is still a lack of belief and a reluctance to set aside valuable land space for such a long term project. Agarwood tea has the potential to provide some income while trees mature.

Agarwood, known as Aquilaria in Latin, is endemic to the tropical forests of Asia. A small mid level forest tree particularly prised for it's heartwood, Aquilaria ranges from Southern China to India and all the way through to Papua New Guinea. Despite traditional Ayerverdic knowledge of the medicinal benefits of Agarwood Leaf Tea, there has been little western scientific research into the positive health potential of the tree. Focus has been on the financial value derived from the essential oil, to obtain the essential oil the is cut down. We are working towards producing Oud, as the oil is called, but this is for the future.The internet has recently become available to our area, this has allowed us to further our knowledge of Agarwood Tea. This website is the culmination of our knowledge gathering and we are now happy to offer our own simple product to those interested. It is neccessary at this point to add that for every reliable source of information there is likely to be a scam, that appears the nature of the internet.